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In the midst of the credit crisis of 2009, the entire headhunting industry was collapsing to a fraction of its size and many headhunters ran fearfully for cover inside the largest corporate human resources departments they could find. In this turmoil, Dave Partners was born as both a capstone venture and labor of love: to help secure the leadership teams that would build a better future for us all. Since our launch in 2009, Dave Partners has served as a key architect of the burgeoning New York City technology ecosystem.

Our insights on organizational strategy, together with our expansive, world-class networks and peerless execution prowess, have been called upon by some of the most disruptive and transformative companies in the world. We work exclusively with the Top 1% of A+ executive leadership to achieve market dominance.


Our driven and dedicated team of professionals work tirelessly to ensure the optimal experience and outcome for each one of our clients. Through our comprehensive analytical and scientific approach, we are committed to making a deep impact on the industry one client at a time.


Some of the most transformative, disruptive companies in the world have sought out Dave Carvajal and his decades of experience at the forefront of organizational strategy, execution and executive leadership to secure the future of those courageous CEO’s and startup entrepreneurs with vision for making the world better.

As Co-Founder, Dave Carvajal built HotJobs to 650 employees, $125 million in revenues IPO and $1.2 billion dollar market capitalization before HotJobs’ sale to Yahoo! for close to $500 million. Thereafter he joined the founding team at TheLadders.com, where he grew the company to 400 employees, $80 million in revenue. Today, Dave is asked by public company CEO’s, the top VCs and entrepreneurs of high-growth startups everywhere to build the leadership teams of their companies with The Top 1% of A+ executive leaders.

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