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Dave Partners is an executive search firm engaged in only the highest level of executive recruitment – Level 3 Recruitment™ Highest Quality Results

  • Precision Extraction
  • Refined Selection Process
  • Secure Top 1% A+ Executive Leaders

Our dedication to the highest standards of personal and process excellence ensures that the formation of your executive leadership team is secured with the top 1% of A+ executive leaders.

Our client-partner relationships are forged from a deep mutual appreciation for the greatest predictor of executive leadership success – a candidate’s personal DNA. When a finalist candidate’s set of core values matches the cultural DNA of the CEO / Founders and existing leadership team, the likelihood of a long term fit is the highest.

There is an A+ player for every role in every company. Our unique Core Fit Process™ is designed to identify, recruit and engage the leaders who will help you conquer the market, your industry and your competitors. With a targeted focus on leaders who have a distinct ability to be successful at your company, we evaluate candidates for their Core Values and Core Competencies.

Core Fit Selection

What makes the finalist candidates uniquely qualified to achieve success and build enterprise value at your organization is a combination of Core Values and Core Competencies. The biggest reason why someone will succeed or fail at any company has everything to do with whether their personal DNA matches the cultural DNA of the CEO of the organization. A candidate’s personal DNA is made up of their core values and unique personal experiences, capabilities, biases, and critical thinking.

Professional Virtues Matter

Core Values / GSD

Our Timeline

The process of identifying, extracting and securing the top one percent of A+ talent can easily take big firms nine months. Dave Partners can go through that process and achieve results in a fraction of that time. Our agility and ability to be nimble allows us to move at a rigorous pace while achieving results that our clients celebrate. Both quality and efficiency are important distinctions of a Dave Partners search.

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