The Higher Calling of Entrepreneurs

Our CEO Dave Carvajal's latest essay goes deep on leadership

By the Dave Partners Team

We're always psyched when our CEO, Dave Carvajal, publishes a new post. He's a great writer, and an expert on what makes a true leader. 

This week, his essay is especially inspiring. It's about leadership as a higher calling, and the universal force of love and compassion that can motivate the best leaders.

This Week In Tech: January 23, 2015

The augmented reality race heats up, the World Economic Forum convenes, and more from the week that was.

By the Dave Partners Team

Happy Friday! We trust that you’re more than ready to let the weekend begin. But, while you’re kicking back and sorting through your list of things to read on the couch, may we recommend some of our favorite stories from the week that was?

Microsoft HoloLens and the Future of Computing

The race for augmented reality tech heats up.

By the Dave Partners Team

Well, we called it: After yesterday’s announcement of Microsoft’s HoloLens, the biggest trend in tech is augmented reality. 

How Successful People Motivate Their Teams

Three tools that the greats use to get people behind them. 

By the Dave Partners Team

Anyone who has served in a leadership role has struggled with getting his or her team motivated. The task of uniting many very different people around the same goal is tough, even for experienced leaders.

Dave Partners Top 5: NYC Media Tech

Want to stay up to date on the future of New York media? These five must-follow folks will keep you in the loop. 

By the Dave Partners Team

If there’s one industry that New York has always dominated effortlessly, it’s media. The greatest writers, editors and journalists in the world have been drawn here to ply their craft, and many of the world’s most august publications were founded in Manhattan.

This Week In Tech: January 16, 2015

Etsy takes NYC to the next level, #YouTubeAsksObama makes the State of the Union social, and more

By the Dave Partners Team

Happy Friday! Congratulations for making it through another work week. As our present to you, here are our five favorite stories of the week that was.

#YouTubeAsksObama: The State of the Union Goes High-Tech

President Obama will follow up his State of the Union by taking questions from YouTube and Twitter. Is this a mistake, or democracy in action? 

By the Dave Partners Team

These three YouTube celebrities will interview the President

Etsy's IPO Is A Good Sign

The little online craft store that could might just usher in a golden age for NYC tech. 

By the Dave Partners Team. 

Etsy – everyone’s favorite online vintage store and craft shop – is nearing an IPO that insiders are saying could definitively announce the power of the NYC craft scene.

3 Ways Successful People Stay Creative

How the greats keep creativity alive, even with a busy schedule. 

By the Dave Partners Team

Creativity isn’t just something demonstrated by artists and writers: It’s an essential for success in the world of tech. The ability to improvise, see the world from a new angle, and come up with unexpected solutions to tough problems, is exactly what all great tech designers and all great leaders must possess.

Dave Partners Top 5: NYC Food Tech

Meet the people who are driving NYC's thriving food tech scene. 

By the Dave Partners Team. 

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