This Week In Tech: December 19, 2014

Happy Friday! It’s been a very intense week for tech news, with the Sony hacks still developing. But, as always, we’ve scoured the web and found all our favorite stories,  so that you can rest assured that you’re going into the weekend with some great Sunday-morning reading material at hand.

What Most Millennials Don't Know About Founding A Start-Up

By CEO Dave Carvajal

You saw the movie.  Mark Zuckerberg scribbles a couple of things on his window, codes for a few hours, meets Justin Timberlake and then he starts counting his billions.  That’s not the way it’s going to work for you.  You’re not Mark Zuckerberg.  And you shouldn’t try to be.

Neal Stephenson Becomes Magic Leap's "Chief Futurist"

This week, legendary sci-fi author Neal Stephenson announced that he had acquired a very strange new job title: From now on, he’ll be working as the “Chief Futurist” for the secretive start-up Magic Leap. 

What Will You Bring To 2015 Tech?

The tech world moves fast. Yesterday’s promising up-and-comer might be today’s has-been; something that was just an idea last week might be the entire focus of your company today. That’s partly why New York has such a rich, thriving tech community: This industry is the only thing that moves faster than New Yorkers do.

What's Your Motivation?

It’s such a popular question for actors that it’s become a cliché: What’s my motivation? But they always ask it for a very good reason. If you’re going to put your all into something – if you’re going to convince people that you believe what you’re doing – then you have to know exactly what you want. 

This Week In Tech: December 12, 2014


Happy Friday! As always, we’ve selected our favorite stories from the world of tech, so that you can go into your weekend all caught up. 


The Web Is The Media

This year’s Golden Globes TV nominations have one distinctive feature. You don’t notice it, until you look for it. But once you do, it reveals a deep and exciting truth about how we live now. 

What The Sony Leaks Taught Us About Transparency

The embarrassing information revealed by the recent Sony hacks just won’t stop rolling in.

Your Idea Doesn't Have To Be Before Its Time

Nostalgia doesn’t tend to occupy a very valuable space in the tech world. The entrepreneurs and leaders who drive technology are dreamers and futurists, people driven to acts of creative destruction because they believe tomorrow must be better than today. Still, every once in a while, it’s worth it to look back – not least because you might learn something about where you’re headed.

How Healthy Conflict Can Help Your Business

“I don’t like conflict,” some people will tell you. It’s understandable, as far as it goes. And yet, with all due respect, this sentence ranks very high on our list of Most Popular Ways To State the Obvious. Conflict, by its nature, is unpleasant; it requires facing down strong disagreements, having to fight for your own interests, and dealing with people who may not value your beliefs. There’s almost no-one who genuinely enjoys it.

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