Blaming the Shark: The Importance of Screening for Employee Attitude

It’s safe to say that most people don’t respond to being attacked by a wild animal with good humor and positive vibes. Then again, most people are not 13-year-old surfer Kira-Belle Ollsen. 

This Week In Tech: The Dave Partners Round-Up

You’ve made it to the end of the week. Congratulations! Here’s a look back at all the most important tech industry news this week, along with a few of our favorite essays and blog posts, so that you have something to catch up on this Friday afternoon.

How To Recruit The Next Mark Zuckerberg

Your past mistakes have a way of catching up with you – especially on the Internet, where everything is a matter of permanent record.

The Surprising Way Twitter Beat Google At Creating Company Culture

For years, “Google” has been synonymous with “great startup culture.” But today, employee-reviews site Glassdoor has released its list of Top 25 Companies for Culture and Values – and, in a shocking upset, Google is not at the top of that list. In fact, Google doesn’t even make second place on these “best company culture” rankings; that honor goes to PR company Edelman. The winner? Twitter.

Dave Partners Win: Mugur Tolea, VP of Engineering at Shutterstock

The Client:

Shutterstock is one of the great New York success stories in recent years. Founded in 2003 by Jon Oringer, Shutterstock provides an industry-leading global marketplace for digital imagery, connecting users with image creators around the world to provide a library of over 40 million images, with over 1 million searches performed daily. Shutterstock has become an essential part of how businesses and media companies operate today. 

Dave Partners Win: Chek Lim, Chief Technology Officer at Tango Card

The Client:

TangoCard, founded in 2009 by David Leeds, is a new and uniquely disruptive leader in enterprise rewards solutions. Their platform allows businesses to reward their customers with digital gift cards to top brands, donations to non-profit partners, and more. TangoCard has attracted over 200 enterprise customers by providing a combination of technology, content, and end-to-end service that is defining the future of enterprise rewards. 


What Start-Up Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Christopher Columbus

By Dave Carvajal, CEO On Aug 3, 1492 explorer Christopher Columbus set sail to the East Indies with the seemingly ridiculous idea of finding riches in a new world. Ten weeks later, still at sea after a long, harsh voyage, Columbus barely averted mutiny by promising his crew that if they did not find land in the next two days, they would turn back. He was so grateful to find that land that he named the island he discovered in the Bahamas San Salvador: "The Savior." 522 years later, in Italy, Spain, the Bahamas and all throughout the Americas, we celebrate this Italian explorer, who believed so strongly in his idea that he went to Spain for funding, recruited enough crew for 3 ships, and ventured out to create one of the greatest entrepreneurial success stories of all time.

"Interstellar's" Oculus Rift Demo Might Be The Future of Entertainment

Here at Dave Partners, we often note that every industry is becoming a tech industry. Innovative and disruptive technologies are changing everything from how we watch TV to how we plan our daily commute to work. Well, here's one more example of tech talent changing the world.


As we begin the New Year, 2014 holds so much promise.  I feel driven to recognize our gratitude.

Building a Startup is Like Running an Ironman

The Ironman US Championship race is being held in the greatest city in the universe this year, and it sold out in less than 11 minutes!

Champions from all walks of life make their home in NYC.  Ex-pats formerly from the east coast now living in the Bay area are flocking back home to NYC where exciting new startup opportunities exist like never before.  More than 8 million passionate New Yorkers, many of them knowledge workers, are, in their own way, building NYC into a thriving metropolis of digital innovation.

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