Black Friday: The Olympics of Business

As you’re getting ready for your Thanksgiving dinner with family or friends, chances are your mind is also, already, fixed on which cool gadgets and early Christmas gifts you’ll be picking up over the weekend. (Or, granted: You may very well be thinking about how you can strategize your weekend travel plans so as to stay at least 50 yards away from any major retail outlets.)

Gratitude Season: The Importance Of Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving week is a big one for US companies. Chances are, most of your employees’ minds aren’t even on their work right now: Instead, they’re thinking about their travel plans, their families and friends, their contributions to Thanksgiving dinner, or (yikes) about how hard it’s going to be to prepare that whole Thanksgiving dinner themselves.

This Week In Tech: November 21, 2014

Happy Friday! As always, we’ve rounded up our favorite stories from the week, so you can go into your weekend well-informed.

1)   The biggest investment winner this week is also one of the biggest surprises of the week: Harry’s, a company that makes great razors at an affordable price, received $75M in a new funding round! We guess everyone enjoys a good shave.

The Strongest Desire of Every CEO

by CEO Dave Carvajal

High performance is the strongest desire of every CEO. High performance requires high-performance leadership. High-performance leadership is built on a foundation of excellence and a framework of harmony.

NYC Hearts Tech: How The City Is Supporting Its Thriving Tech Scene

To say that you love New York is a cliché – heck, it’s even on the city’s t-shirts. We prefer to say that we are total, unapologetic evangelists for New York City, and especially for its thriving tech community.

How Cooperation Can Build Your Business

Today, two giants of the tech world united to achieve something: Uber, the ride-sharing service, will be teaming with Spotify, allowing you to stream playlists in your car.

This is big news, as it deserves to be. It also reminds us of the importance of cooperation in business: How vital it is to always keep your eye out for the people and services that can help you take your own work to the next level.

This Week In Tech: Nov. 14, 2014

Happy Friday! If the week flew by for you like it did for us, you probably missed a lot. Why not take this afternoon to relax and catch up on a few of our favorite stories from the world of tech?

The Two Most Common Skills of The Top 1% of A+ Executive Talent

by CEO Dave Carvajal

At least 50% of the success that anyone could hope to achieve, in any field where other people are involved, will be determined by their ability to relate and communicate effectively with other people.

Why Communication Matters

Every organization where humans are involved is a sophisticated network of complex conversations. The quality of discourse determines the health of the organization.

Tech Is Awe-Inspiring: Lessons From The Comet Landing

Today, for the first time in history, humanity landed on a comet. The journey was perilous, and took over ten years to accomplish. The result, though, is glorious: A stunning example of technology’s power to create a shared sense of wonder throughout the world.

Why David Marcus Might Be Zuckerberg's Best Hire

On Monday, Wired published an excellent profile of David Marcus, the man in charge of Facebook’s crucial and massively successful Facebook Messenger app. Marcus famously left his CEO role at PayPal to join Facebook, which some saw as a step down.

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