This Week In Tech: The Dave Partners Round-Up

Happy Friday! To help you ease into your weekend, we’ve rounded up some of the most interesting and essential stories of the week that was.

In Defense of Laziness

By CEO Dave Carvajal

Let’s put this up front: I work hard. I also exercise frequently and have competed in IronMan races. So I don't think I am actually lazy.

I do, however, have a strong desire to avoid doing the same work twice. You could call this lazy. I think “strong desire to eliminate tedious labor" is a more appropriate characterization.

Your Talent Is Your Brand

Today, Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer gave her much-anticipated remarks on the company’s growth and strategy. Along with sharing information on stock buy-backs, acquisitions, and revenue, investments in new technology, and new platforms, Mayer presented some very interesting information about her talent culture: During her tenure, Mayer says, “we have had nearly 2,000 performance related departures in the company.”

Gold Star Search: Thibault Le Conte, VP Engineering and Co-Founder of Knozen

At Dave Partners, we specialize in top-level executive searches. We find the top 1% of A+ talent for the key roles that will define your company.

Still, we’re occasionally tapped for a talent search that is even more sensitive and crucial to our clients’ success. This was the case when we were asked to find a suitable co-founder for emerging start-up Knozen.

Blaming the Shark: The Importance of Screening for Employee Attitude

It’s safe to say that most people don’t respond to being attacked by a wild animal with good humor and positive vibes. Then again, most people are not 13-year-old surfer Kira-Belle Ollsen. 

Dave Partners Win: Ofir Shalom, Chief Technology Officer at OrderGroove

The Client:

OrderGroove is a wildly successful enterprise SaaS platform that powers subscription programs and services for over 50 eCommerce retailers and brands. OrderGroove helps these brands to retain their customers and keep them happy by letting those customers subscribe to frequently purchased items and join product discovery clubs. Founded in 2008 by Greg Alvo, OrderGroove has experienced 430% year-over-year revenue growth and attracted $8.5 million in venture capital funding.

Dave Partners Win: Teddy Cha, VP of Product at TheLadders

The Client:

TheLadders, a long-time friend and client of Dave Partners, is the premiere online job-matching service. Founded in 2003 by Marc Cenedella, TheLadders finds the right person for the right job by providing a wide array of unique products that allow job seekers and employers to connect with each other in new ways. TheLadders takes pride in its work-hard, play-hard culture and team of forward-thinking innovators, and its over 6 million users can attest to the continuing excellence of their work.


This Week In Tech: The Dave Partners Round-Up

You’ve made it to the end of the week. Congratulations! Here’s a look back at all the most important tech industry news this week, along with a few of our favorite essays and blog posts, so that you have something to catch up on this Friday afternoon.

How To Recruit The Next Mark Zuckerberg

Your past mistakes have a way of catching up with you – especially on the Internet, where everything is a matter of permanent record.

The Surprising Way Twitter Beat Google At Creating Company Culture

For years, “Google” has been synonymous with “great startup culture.” But today, employee-reviews site Glassdoor has released its list of Top 25 Companies for Culture and Values – and, in a shocking upset, Google is not at the top of that list. In fact, Google doesn’t even make second place on these “best company culture” rankings; that honor goes to PR company Edelman. The winner? Twitter.

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