This Week In Tech: February 25, 2015

Net Neutrality passes, Pebble Time breaks Kickstarter records, and more, in our weekly round-up of must-read stories. 

By the Dave Partners Team

Happy Friday! We took a break last week, but we’re back today, with your must-read roundup of the biggest and best stories from the week that was.

Dave Partners Review: 3 Top Teamwork Apps

These three apps will keep your team in touch, on track, and able to conquer any deadline. 

By the Dave Partners Team

We’re all about team-building here at Dave Partners. Great leaders know how to unite people with different strengths, skills and career goals into one big team that’s able to push forward in service to a higher vision. 

This Week In Tech: February 13, 2015

Happy Valentine’s Day weekend! We hope you’ve got your plans all together, whether it’s a nice dinner with someone special or a big blow-out with friends.  As usual, we’re spreading the love by putting together a collection of our favorite reads and must-know news from the week.

Dave Partners Reviews: Top 3 Concentration Apps

These apps will keep you off social media, on-target, and able to bring total focus to your next big project. 

By the Dave Partners Team

Tech people are natural multi-taskers. We work in offices where everything moves at the speed of light, there are always several dozen things to be done, and workers who wait until one project is complete to begin another will soon find themselves behind the rest of the pack.

How Apple Could Own Music

We’re still coming down from the massive spectacle of the Grammys, and music is on everyone’s mind. But at TechCrunch, they’re taking this talk further, into a fascinating look at how the music industry might change in the 21st century: Namely, with Apple currently building a Spotify-killing streaming service, wouldn’t it make sense for the most powerful tech company in the world to cut out the middleman, and simply become a record label itself?

This Week In Tech: February 6, 2015

1)   Our top money story: Twitter beat earnings expectations, despite relatively flat user growth. CEO Dick Costolo is determined to make the best of his reign at the head of the company, which has seen multiple challenges – and he’s starting with taking personal accountability for Twitter’s troll problem.

Dave Carvajal and the Dalai Lama

Another great post from our founder and CEO, Dave Carvajal

By the Dave Partners Team

Hurrah! We're always excited when our founder and CEO, Dave Carvajal, puts another blog post out into the world. His latest, about lessons that business leaders can learn from the example of the Dalai Lama, is especially inspiring. If you're interested in becoming an inspirational leader yourself, you can find it here. Namaste! 

Dave Partners Reviews: Top 3 Productivity Apps

These three apps will help even serial procrastinators stay on track

By the Dave Partners Team

It’s the middle of the week, and if you’re like most people we know, you’re already feeling your tasks pile up. No fear: Most of us can get a little sidetracked by disorganization and procrastination from time to time. You don’t have to panic; you just have to find a system that allows you to get back on track.

Do We Need a Tech Museum?

The Internet Archive's work proves that there's a real appetite to re-visit and appreciate technology from the past. 

By the Dave Partners Team

Late last week, the Internet Archive released thousands of old video games from the ‘80s and ‘90s. The list included just about everything you wasted your time on as a kid: Oregon Trail (hey, that counted as learning!), Sim City, Prince of Persia, and nearly all of the other greatest hits from the era. 

Do We Still Need TV To Have The Superbowl?

Last night’s Super Bowl was a full-on spectacle: Surprise victories, catches that seemed to defy the laws of physics, about a thousand star-studded ads, and finally, Katy Perry showing up on what appeared to be a real-life Transformer. (Or possibly a vehicle designed for the Thundercats.)

However, the memes and blog posts that have followed in the wake of this event have uncovered something crucial to how these monocultural mega-events now play out: Instead of watching the Super Bowl with our friends and families, we now watch them with millions of people online.

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